The Hot Gourmet Coffee Tradition

Hot Gourmet Coffee, LLC is a locally owned and operated family business with the simple mission to serve a holiday experience that people will remember for generations to come as a warm and comforting reminder of the holiday tradition.

We view our products as a luxury experience for our customers and strive with every interaction to exceed expectations. Our greatest reward is hearing the joy in peoples’ voices as we great them with a friendly smile, watching the faces light up as we carefully craft the drinks, and knowing that we have delivered a small twinkle of magic that people will remember when they reminisce about the holiday spirit.

Our signature product, the now famous Snowman Hot Chocolate™, was our dream many years ago. Today, the Hot Gourmet Coffee tradition continues much as it started, with family values, the finest ingredients, a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, and an unmatched passion for the magic that Christmas brings to children of all ages!